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Monday, December 12, 2011

Need Whirlpool Part's Manuals?

Need Whirlpool Part's Manuals? Click Here=>

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ED5GHEXNL00 Unit Parts

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ED5GHEXNL00 Unit Parts
ED5GHEXNL00 Air Flow Parts
ABB2222FEB Amana Refrigerator Compressor Components

                                                    67005560 Start Relay Overload

ABB2222FEB Controls Parts Breakdown
ABB2222FEB Part 12868513 Main-Control-Board

ED5GHEXNL00 Fresh Food Section Controls

ED5GHEXNL00 Fresh Food Section Controls

Thursday, September 15, 2011

10653332300 Kenmore Whirlpool Ice Maker Parts

That does not sound like the inlet valve because if so there would be an icy mess in your freezer. You can try to set the adjustment screw behind the front cover on the right center of the W10190935 Control Module  Below tells you all you need about your question and I find interesting=> Broken Ice Maker Repair Very little change on the amount of water setting screw positive or minus. If your mold coating is bad it makes things harder. I would ask around because buying single parts cost more. The=> 4389178 Water Inlet Valve should you need one. Tell me how things work out, Thanks, Sea Breeze


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here is how to test a Maytag MSD2756GEW Auto Damper

1 Turn power off to refrigerator.

2 Open the fresh food sections door and remove all items on top shelf.
3 Adjust the fresh food control to its coldest position.
4 Remove the light shield by pulling down on the back corners of the cover and then slide the cover forward.
5 Remove the edge sealing device, radiant shield supporting screws at the back bottom center of the control housing mounting screw at back, bottom center of the control housing. Slide the control housing to the right and lower the housing.
6 Disconnect the temperature control housing from electric quick disconnect.
7 Remove the temperature control housing from the refrigerator and then place on a
flat work surface.
8 Remove the auto damper control rod retainer, control rod and the slide control
gear from the auto damper control.
9 Now turn the control housing over.
10 Remove the two auto damper mounting screws, then remove the auto damper from the control housing.
11 Mark the auto damper rod about 1/4 in. from and away from the housing.
12 Uncoil the auto damper capillary tube at about 4 in.'s
13 Submerge into a glass of ice (not water). then watch for door to move to the closed

14 Remove from ice and warm capillary tube with your hand. Then watch door for an

opposite reaction.
15 If no movement is detected, replace the control. 61005971 Damper Control Assembly

Maytag MSD2756GEW Refrigerator Warming

MSD2756GEW Controls
It is quite common for a refrigerator to begin the first signs of defrost problems once the fresh Food section begins to warm. Auto Dampers are an additional component to check while serching for the true reason for compartment warming.
In the photo above the auto damper is location eight and testing can be done from request Here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

KSCS25INWH00 Repair Parts

Kitchenaid KSCS25INWH00 Repair Parts PDF=> HERE
If you would like the Service Manusl contact me=> HERE

Sunday, June 19, 2011

MSD2454GRW Freezer Components

MSD2454GRW Freezer Components

Leaking Refrigerators Just What may Be Happening
When refrigerators leak water into the fresh section or just on the floor around freezer or fresh food door. I also cannot take all credit for solutions in the area of refrigerators leaking water. Every person contributes their own experience so those that have should also be rewarded for their own efforts. I am pretty sure when your freezer is leaking you are having a defrost drain blockage problem. Most refrigerators defrost every eight hours and over a period of time the drain line that comes down from freezer into a cup like object top middle and back of the fresh food section (on some models). If blocked by gunk or ice you will see trails of liquid leaking down the rear wall of fresh food compartment until it reaches the crisper drawers.This is not always the same with every model as you may see frozen ice flowing down ther rear wall of freezers on side by sides. Here is an example Click here=> Whirlpool Leak Photo taken by TechnicianBrian He has been around a good bit and deserves credit for his contributions. Here is another way to make this look more si mple in clip below. And in this photo are several parts listed in photo group #1 were it is most likely running down the wall=> MagicChef CTB1921AR fresh food section. If you still have questions please ask and rate me if I was able to explain this well enough. Every refrigerator is made different so these are examples only. The key is to find if ice or just gunk has blocked you defrost drain. Unplug and then remove the rear panel in back of freezer. We need to see if the water is overflowing the condensate drain tray or if the blockage is in the turn the drain leads down back of your refrigerator. Much more on this page=> Leaking Refrigerators! This is a common tip so I will be placing this post and add as we go new ideas listed in Sea Breeze Tips Section. If you run into any problems along the way of repair please let me know, Thanks, Sea Breeze

FRS23W3A Control Panel

452192 Defrost Heater below that Da74-40149D Water Control Valve

452192 Defrost Heater
Da74-40149D Water Control Valve
RoboForm: Learn more... WR55X10444 and 1156701 Dispenser Control Board

HOW TO CHECK FOR A BURNED OUT COMPRESSOR Unplug the refrigerator and remove the back panel that covers the compressor. There should be 3 wires going inside the cover of the compressor. Mark all 3 and mark their location so if compressor is OK you can put them back in same order. The plastic cover may snap on and you may need to squeeze the sides to unlock the cover and sometimes there is a metal clip holding the cover in place. Remove the cover. May look hard but it's simple. There will be three connections under the cover and 2 will go through the start relay. Unplug them leaving the three prongs exposed. They may be marked R =Run, S=Start and C=Common. Set your meter on continuity and then begin by testing 2 at a time until you have checked S to R and R to C an C to S and S to R again. You should get a reading all the way around. If no reading between any of the pairs as you go around you should get no reading between any two the compressor has an open winding and is defective. Then if it passes that test then touch one probe to R and the other to the copper pipes or clean metal on outside of compressor, then S to metal outside and C to metal outside. If you get a reading this way even just a little. The compressor is a burnout. Then let me know what you find. Thanks, Sea Breeze NEED HELP AND PHONE OR CHAT HELP? CLICK HERE=> SEA BREEZE


Quadro FX 4600 67003753 Dual Water Control Valve 67005154 Dual Water Control Valve
WR50X10068 Defrost Thermostat